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Design Statement/Parish Plan 

The Parish Design Statement.  This document is adopted as supplementary planning guidance by Barnsley MBC, and can be downloaded here (3.63MB)

For the villages of Silkstone and Silkstone Common 

Update : November 14 - The Parish Plan was due to be updated last year and the Parish Council carried out a poll to seek residents opinion on whether a full Parish Plan should be completed. Only a few people responded to the poll so the Parish Council did not progress a full review of the Parish Plan. Instead they produced a Forward Plan which is now reviewed annually. A copy of the Forward Plan can be viewed here.  The information below relating to the original Parish Plan is therefore for historical interest only. 

The Parish Plan for Silkstone and Silkstone Common stems from a consultation exercise in which every household in the two villages was invited to complete a questionnaire and submit comments on issues of importance to the local community. The response was extremely good, and a small team of volunteers has since been compiling and tabulating the results.

A printed document containing a summary of this information has been delivered to every house (we hope!), and the full results can be downloaded by clicking on the links below. Most of the files are in Microsoft Word format, but a couple are Adobe Acrobat PDF files.

Please note that the largest file could take some timeto download over a standard dial-up connection.

Silksone Parish Plan.

A - Cover.doc(49 kB)
B - Table of Contents.doc(25 kB)
C - Introduction.doc(33 KB)
D - Socio-Economic Context.doc(133 kB)
E - Methodology and Themes.doc(26 kB)
F - Action Plan.doc (92 kB)
G - Acknowledgements.doc(26 kB)
H - Appendix A .doc (393 kB)
I -  Questionnaire.pdf (1.33 MB) 
J - Appendix B .doc (426 kB)
K - Appendix C.doc (393 kB)
L - Appendix D .doc(931 MB)
M - Comments.pdf(668 kB) 

If you have any questions, please get in touch with the Parish Clerk, Karen Canadine